Revenant (I.Simpson) Enlistment papers

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Revenant (I.Simpson) Enlistment papers

Post  Revenant on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:30 am

Age: 15

Name:Ian Simpson

Location(State/Country) or Timezone(Example, EST is GMT -5): England

When are you available to game throughout the week? Approximately everyday

How many hours a week, on average, do you game? 18 hours

What games do you currently play? Arma2 OA, L4D2, Batman Arkham city, GTA SA, GTA 4,

Why do you wish to join the 10thMD? Because i love Arma 2 operations

What do you wish to get out of being in the 10thMD? Being able to do operations on arma and having the ability to be tactical

Are you in any clans/units at the moment? no

Have you ever been in any other “realism” units? If so, which ones? Not sure

Are you serving in the any Armed Forces? If so, where are you stationed?

How did you find out about us? Corbin told me


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